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Here's a great opportunity to showcase the creative artist in you. Yes, your very own art gallery. Upload your masterpieces and show the world what an incredible artist you are. Who knows, you could be the next Picasso the world is waiting to discover.

It's your show. That's right. 

A Solo Show.

Upload.Share.And get the world talking about you!


Let your child create


Upload to Aiyo Artist

Family & friends can view artwork online.

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Aiyo Artist is India's new online art gallery designed exclusively for children.

Give that budding artist in your family a platform to exhibit those unique creative talents.

In addition, your child will get an opportunity to get picked to be the Aiyo Artist of the Week.






Aiyo Artist is exclusively designed to connect school teachers, parents and families with their child's creative activities at school or at home.

Register right away and start with our Budding Artist  plan, exclusively designed to encourage the little ones to explore their interest in drawing. And not just that.

To show off their cute drawings in their very own gallery.

Young Couple

Day in and day out minding the class and it's cute angels can be a real test on your nerves.

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There are times when you wished the day ended before it began.

There are times when a million ideas strike your mind amidst a very silent class room.

There are times when you wished your wards stayed with you forever.

There are times you wished to boast about the smartest batch you ever taught in your life

And there are times you wished you shared those beautiful moments with the world

Galatta Guru!  Create your own group. Invite. Share everything under the sun!

Showcase an inspiring collection of original creative from your school students,

section wise.

Show off your students master pieces in

Galatta Gallery.

Get your students to own this space.

Time to showcase your students creative art and other activities under Galatta Gallery.

Aiyo Artist is an exclusive online stage to showcase the School Children's talents in art & design.

As an artist, I know how important it is to groom the young talent and provide them with a stage to showcase their creations.

It gives them great confidence and an opportunity to explore their creative skills.

 - N.K.Narasimhan

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